I am a certified trainer through Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers (MINT). I am also an adjunct faculty member at Stanford University where I teach Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Psychosis (CBTp) as part of an effort to promote data-driven care and improve outcomes in early psychosis in California (EPI-CAL).
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What is Motivational Interviewing (MI)?

Motivational interviewing is a collaborative, client-centered approach that helps individuals increase their intrinsic motivation to make changes in their lives. Often described as the “Swiss army knife” of healthcare professions, MI has been used in a variety of settings to support individuals on the precipice of change.

I provide personalized MI trainings to teams with the option for longer-term supervision. I also offer tape review using the MITI coding manual (Motivational Interviewing Treatment Integrity) with individualized feedback to ensure fidelity to the model. My goal is not only to teach the broad strokes, but to foster mastery of the art of MI.


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Individual Feedback
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Some of my clients


Peter Habegger
Senior Manager Digital Operations
Valerie introduced Motivational Interviewing to our organization. She has trained our staff in MI for years and has transformed how we connect and engage with our clients.  With MI implemented, we saw a significant increase in trial-to-paid conversion and both client and coach satisfaction.  She is a natural teacher and cares deeply about her work. We're grateful for her!
Leah Pickar
Valerie has had a profound impact on my professional growth and development. She put her heart and soul into creating MI and CBT trainings for our team that were creative, engaging, and incredibly effective in supporting our learning and competency. She went above and beyond to provide us with ongoing learning opportunities, offering one-on-one training whenever needed and providing detailed feedback with compassion and warmth; her commitment to our growth was palpable. Valerie led by example by embodying the very spirit that she taught us to use with our own clients — empathy, collaboration, and unwavering support. She is one of the most effective teachers I have ever had, and I would not have the clinical skill set I have today if not for her strong leadership and innovation.